All of our ingredients                                                                   and products are                                                                      locally sourced and produced


 ​​​      We brought extra firm tofu to the US. Before we became interested in tofu and soy foods in the early 1970's it was a specialty food that could only be found in Asian communities around the US. The tofu they preferred was a soft or silken style. We developed a different way of production to form a much firmer tofu. One that could hold up to vigorous cooking techniques and increase protein content. Now it is the preferred standard industry wide. Unlike companies that produce tons by machine ours is still produced by hand with a character and texture mechanized production cant equal. And we make tons too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Farmsoy Company has been making soymilk, tofu and soy yogurt since the early 1970's.Our products have been certified organic since 1992.  We produce only certified organic products.  By definition, if a product is certified organic, it also means that no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are present in the food and that the products have not been irradiated.

        In a 2009 impartial report compiled by the non-profit Cornucopia Institute, “Beyond the Bean: The Heroes and Charlatans of the Natural and Organic Soy Foods Industry,” FarmSoy  was awarded the highest “5 Bean Rating” for our commitment to organics and locally grown soybeans.   

        While the company's ownership has changed over the years one thing has not. Our tradition of fine ingredients and quality. Operating in the same facility located on "The Farm" we still make our products in small batches and by hand. 

       Many of our well traveled and tofu savvy customers have told us that we make the best tofu and soy yogurt that they've ever eaten. We attribute this to the human factor and the quality ingredients we use.

      Our tofu does not contain processing aids, which are not required to be listed on a label's list of ingredients. Regional farmers grow our organic soybeans on their certified organic farms.  We use our community's well water, which is very pure and tested frequently. The only other ingredient is calcium sulfate, a natural substance mined from the earth, which we use to coagulate the soymilk in order to form tofu. The National Organic Standards Board has approved calcium sulfate for use in organic products. These ingredients are prepared by fellow tofu lovers to create the very best tofu for your good health and eating pleasure.

        Farmsoy tofu is firm, yet creamy and tasty with a very subtle and clean taste. Ready for any flavor or seasonings you want.

        When comparing brands of tofu, be aware that the higher the protein content, the firmer the tofu. You can see what a good value FarmSoy tofu is by comparing our protein content with the equivalent styles of much of the competition. A little variation is present since human beings make the tofu, not just machines!