We are a company born out of ideas that have they're roots in the 1960s. Ideas like feeding as many people as we can in a responsible way. Farming techniques that return to proper methods of agriculture in step with nature and getting away from the chemicals that our food has been soaked in for a generation. Founded on a spiritual community known as The Farm in Summertown TN. The same place where our products are still produced 40 yrs. after we started. Many people over the years have put they're efforts and hard work into making Farmsoy tofu. At first a staple for 2000 farm folks to the healthy soy foods we make for everyone today. Producing an excellent protein source sustainably with as small an environmental impact as possible. This has always been our goal and something we continue today. Making Farmsoy a recognized and trusted brand in the health food community for many years.

A few words about us


​        ​​We have been fans and advocates of tofu and soy foods for a long time. Farmsoy products have a character and texture that only making something by hand with care can achieve. The creation of our company was first out of  a necessity to feed the members of a large community of vegetarians with a healthy and sustainable protein. The fact that it turned out to be such a delicious and versatile food was a great bonus. We at Farmsoy have always held ourselves to the highest standard of organic purity. Not just to the letter of the law but beyond to the spirit of the organic movement's intention to make healthy, pure and safe food