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About Us

FarmSoy Company has been making soymilk and tofu since the early 1970's. Our products have been certified organic since 1992, and are currently certified by QCS, Quality Certification Services, of Gainesville, Florida.

FarmSoy Company was formerly called The Farm Soy Dairy and was an integral part of the Farm Community in Summertown, TN.  It was started in the early 70’s, in order to create some variety in the community’s diet, which was then vegan.  As the community changed, so did the Soy Dairy, and it became a commercial business in 1983.  The current owners purchased the business in 1991, made it a family business, and shortened the name to FarmSoy Company.  Many of the youth who have grown up on the Farm have worked their first jobs here. The owners have worked hard to upgrade the building and equipment, and increase the shelf life in order to make it a viable business, in addition to keeping it an important part of community life.

See Product Availability for locations where you can purchase FarmSoy Products.