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Is FarmSoy tofu organic?
Yes, FarmSoy tofu has been certified organic since 1992.  Our products are certified organic by QCS in Gainesville, Fl and meet all of the requirements of the federal laws in the National Organic Program.

What makes FarmSoy tofu stand out from other brands of tofu?
FarmSoy tofu is made by craftsmen who love to eat tofu and take pride in creating a firm, yet creamy tofu to satisfy your palate.  The large corporate brands of tofu are made entirely by machine and you can tell the difference!  We also like to use the highest quality of only certain varieties of soybeans.

Where are your organic soybeans grown?
We have a personal relationship with the farmers from Missouri and Illinois who grow the soybeans we cook with.  The farmers tell us they'd rather sell their beans to people like us than to the buyers from the large corporations who come in and want to pay far less than the fair price the farmer asks for his organic crop. 

How can you tell how firm a tofu is?
The firmness of any tofu is directly proportional to the amount of protein per serving listed in the product’s Nutrition Facts.  The higher the protein content, the firmer the product is.  Compare our numbers to those of the competition.

Why should I buy organic tofu instead of cheaper non-organic tofu?
Organic tofu is made from organically grown soybeans.  Any product, which is certified organic, does not contain genetically modified organisms nor has it been subjected to radiation.  Radiation has become an otherwise accepted (and not indicated on labels) way of helping preserve some food products.  Even though the federal government has declared that genetically modified foods are acceptable, there are no long-term studies to prove that they are not harmful.  We do know that conventional farming practices do lead to contaminated streams and soil depletion.  Organic farming practices help sustain the planet’s natural eco-systems.   

Is FarmSoy tofu a good value?
FarmSoy Firm tofu has 2 more gm of protein more per serving than a leading competitor's Firm tofu has.  The same leading competitior's package is only 14 ounces while ours is 16 ounces.  Compare the numbers.

Where can I buy FarmSoy tofu?
Click on the Product Availability link on the left side of the screen to see how you can find FarmSoy Firm and Extra Firm Organic Tofu.  If you need additional help, click on the Contact Us link and tell us your exact address and zip code.