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We are also proud to annouce that we are now even working with Martha and Marley Spoon. We have been provided with a special discount code from Martha and Marley Spoon which is available at their official blog

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In a 2009 impartial report compiled by the non-profit Cornucopia Institute, "Beyond the Bean: The Heroes and Charlatans of the Natural and Organic Soy Foods Industry," FarmSoy was awarded the highest "5 Bean Rating" for our commitment to the true spirit of organics and for using domestically grown soybeans.


August 23, 2007
SOYGURT Now Available!

FarmSoy is proud to announce that FarmSoy's high protein, dairy-free, sugar-free, plain soy yogurt, called Soygurt, is now available at selected locations in Tennessee (see Product Availability). This product contains no thickeners or additives and you can sweeten and/or flavor it (or not) to your taste.  Blend it with fresh or frozen fruit to make a great smoothie (see Free Recipes). You can also use Soygurt as a substitute for buttermilk in baking, as a topping with pancakes and waffles, to make tangy sauces, soy yogurt cheesecake, or to top a baked potato. The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook has recipes for soy yogurt and soy yogurt cheese.


September 6, 2003

We've completely redesigned our website to give you access to more information and to make our website even easier to navigate.


January 23, 2003

We are celebrating our wider distribution with the debut of newly designed labels for Firm and Extra Firm tofu. It's a fresh new look for the same great tofu.